Ruhango farmers laud coffee sector for development.

Yesterday, Hon Fulgence Nsengiyumva, the State Minister for agriculture in the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) called on coffee farmers to make more efforts in increasing the quality of their harvest by bettering their farms and relying much on coffee washing stations rather than coffee smugglers  locally known as abamamyi.

The State Minister made the call while launching the coffee campaign and zoning policy at Mbuye sector in Ruhango district. The field visit, was to aim at mobilizing coffee farmers and coffee washing stations owners to implement the coffee zoning policy which is meant to get all the produce supplied to coffee washing stations so to increase the volume of fully-washed coffee.  This policy is a better way to increase the quality of coffee exports.

This visit also coincided with the launch of army week whereby army officials, local authorities, and local citizens paid a courtesy community work to one of the local coffee farmers, a 82 years old man, Mr Kanyenzi Zacharie, who owns a farms of 10,000 coffee trees at Nyakarekare site.

The confident and courageous old man told the gathering that he increased his production by two kilogrammes per tree in the last two years. He earns about two million Rwandan francs per season, and he grouped his peer farmers to start their own coffee washing station to cater for their produce. Kanyenzi who seems to be very active despite his age, urged other farmers to enhance the quality of their yields by applying good agricultural practices in their farms and never to cope with coffee trading middle men.

Louise Umutoniwase, one of the coffee growers from in Mbuye sector who is the manager in ENAS Rubona Coffee Washing Station, confirmed to the State Minister that coffee supplement to the industry is first-rated and that the sector contributes a lot to the development of their families.

The State Minister commended all farmers in the sector who have significantly improved their livelihoods thanks to the farming production development.  “Your agricultural activities are remarkable and we appreciate your efforts in making the sector favorable.” Hon. Nsengiyumva noted.

The field visit was concluded by promising farmers the ministry’s full support to keep increasing the agricultural productivity in a bid to take the sector to the next level.


Published on 5th May, 2017

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