Horticulture Policy and Strategy

The Government of Rwanda has put in place a clear horticulture development policy and strategy.

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Information for Investors

The Government of Rwanda is actively promoting private investment in the horticulture sector. A clear investment process is in place to ease entry by investors into the market

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Specific Sector Studies

As part of the Government’s strategy to develop the sector, several studies have been undertaken to determine the attractiveness and requirements for specific crops.

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Click here to view The Business Case for Investing in the Processing and Canning of Common Beans in Rwanda 

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Export Guide & Requirements

Rwanda is well positioned to serve growing local, regional and global market demand for horticulture products. 

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Horticulture Standards

Horticulture companies must comply with compulsory certification standards; To increase market attractiveness, companies are encouraged to also comply with voluntary standards.

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Extension Service/Support
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